Solar leases and ppas are two of the most expensive ways
to have solar on your roof in .

Solar Lease Ball And Chain 

Unfortunately for consumers, the solar lease and power purchase gimmicks that are popping up across the country are two of the most expensive ways to have solar on your roof. Up to three times the cost of a purchased system using the same name brand, reliable equipment.

You'll typically pay so much more to rent a system from a solar lease or PPA than a purchase, that's it's actually you who will be over-paying to maintain, monitor and insure the leasing company's equipment.

You'll probably have problems selling your home with a solar lease or power purchase agreement attached to it. What home buyer will want to assume your remaining lease payments on a used, outdated solar system when they can own a brand new system with the latest technology and keep the 30% federal tax credit for thousands less.

Don't believe it ? Well then simply type the keywords "solar lease scaring buyers" into Google and you can read many accounts of homeowners and real estate professionals reporting difficulty when trying to sell a home with a 20 year solar lease or PPA attached to it.

Solar leases and power purchase agreements will typically only save you about 10% to 15% on your electric bill after you factor in the monthly lease/PPA payment.

And to make matters worse, most if not all $0 down solar leases include an annual payment escalator that will increase your monthly payment by up to 2.9% per year, every year for 20 years. A lease payment that may start at $80 per month can run into the hundreds of dollars toward the end of a lease contract.

Imagine what would happen if your utility company decides to, or is ever mandated to add fees or decrease their net metering compensation like what just happened in Nevada. On a lease with annual payment increases, you could end up being forced to pay more for your electricity than if you never had signed that air tight, escalating solar lease contract in the first place.

You'll have to forfeit the 30% federal tax credit and any applicable cash rebate to the leasing company and you won't get tax deductible interest on your lease payments. By purchasing your system with a $0 down FHA solar loan or PACE financing instead, you may qualify for tax deductible interest. Solar leases and power purchase agreements don't offer tax deductible interest.

And after making 20 years worth of leasing payments, you won't even own the system. It will still belong to the leasing company. If you want to own their system after making all those payment, then you'll have to buy it from the leasing company at the end of your lease at fair market value.

Add up all of the disadvantages that a Solar Lease or Power Purchase Agreement offer and you'll find that neither of these forms of rental financing makes much sense in today's much lower priced solar market.

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